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AET has developed a patented range of revolutionary Smart Tools with the philosophy of the Factory of the Future in mind. The first range of Smart Tool products offered to the market are Smart Drills.

They are

Human centered, thanks to their lightweight, ergonomic construction, operator independence and intuitive NC control

Smart & digital, thanks to integrated quality traceability with advanced sensory controls

Networked, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and continuous tool monitoring

Ecological. Extensive use of 3D printed components dramatically reduces material usage and waste during production, creating a durable product.

World Class Manufacturing. Real-time process monitoring in the Smart Tool reduces operator errors, need for rework and improves process productivity (lower cycle times & extended tool life)

quality minded

All Smart Tools are designed with embedded controls allowing real time process control. This permits to achieve a very high level of quality assurance with up to 100% quality check.

As an example, on the smart driller, we are capable of:

  • Real time torque and feed force measurement
  • Optimized cutting parameters for each layer of the stack-up
  • Adaptative drilling based on torque and thrust
  • Contact and breakthrough detection
  • Gap and total thickness measurement
  • Peck drill and vibrating drilling for breaking chips
  • Accurate countersinking
  • Drill bit wear control

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