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Automation recovers a lot of domains, and AET has expertize in many of them. To make it simple, 3 major competences:

  • End Effectors
  • Robotics integration
  • Special machines


End Effectors:

AET has designed many end-effectors in different domains such as aeronautics processes, food processing, handling, etc.

AET has a special expertize in mechatronics, which consists in combining the best of micro-mechanics  with integrated electronics.

AET has introduced metal 3D printing in end-effector design, allowing even better miniaturization and effectiveness

AET has also developped specific on-board electronics based on micro-controlers to get Smart end-effectors capable to react as close as possible from the process point

Robotics Integration

Although AET is a rather young company, its team has a huge experience in robotics integration, with the first robotics cells intalled in the 90's

Special machines

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